WordPress Gets a New Look

If you’ve done the update to WordPress 3.8, you’ve noticed a BIG difference! WordPress got a modern redesign with new administration panel themes to apply and even a new front-end theme called, aptly, Twenty Fourteen. With the updated look, we got new, flat icons, a new font face, a darker and flatter interface, and (possibly most importantly), a mobile-friendly administration panel!

While I, myself do very little updating from my phone, WordPress’ push to make even the back-end of their platform mobile friendly speaks to only further support the fact that we are moving toward an era in which we do virtually everything from our phones; we read “newspapers” (even that can be argued at this point I think), we browse the internet, and we modify the internet.

Design has been moving towards the mobile device for quite some time. This blog in itself was design more for a mobile device than for a desktop screen, with few sidebar items and a minimal interface; I have to admit that I prefer to view my own site on a mobile device for this reason. And now we’re seeing that the big players are moving to allow for not only easy viewing on a phone, but easy modification. And while the functionality is great, I have to wonder if people will really use it. Or rather, how soon they will begin using it; I think it would be difficult to argue against people eventually using it given the mobile trend we’ve been witnessing and embracing for the past couple decades.

When it comes to the design, we see that our interface followed the trend of 2013 – flat and minimalistic. We’ve seen several of these interfaces this year, with Facebook moving slowly (yet, seemingly annoyingly) towards the trend, YouTube flattening their interface and improving the information viewable at once, and, likely most notably, Apple with their release of iOS 7. And while I haven’t spent much time in the new WordPress panel as of yet, I can already immediately see that the minimalistic approach was effectively executed, unlike, again most notably, Apple’s iOS7.

The icons in the interface that I view even at this most need no explanation for me to understand their purpose. The thumb tac is Posts, the camera with music is Media, the chain is Links, the stack of paper is Pages, the thought bubble is Comments, etc. The icons stand alone, which is something Apple missed when they introduced iOS7, with their flat, yet seemingly random icon imagery (see the “Game Center” icon).

Perhaps as I spend more time in the administration panel of WordPress, I’ll feel differently, but as of right now, it feels like a successful update.