Tips for Creating a Successful Website

Creating a successful website is a lot of work – both designing and building. But I’ve put together a few things that I think are imperative to remember during the design process. Some of these items touch on post-design work, but most of these decisions will be made in the initial design phase.

Think about you audience

Your audience is your consumer; they are the people on your site and using it to, eventually, make you money. Therefore, your website should be for them. I covered this point in my post, 5 Myths About Website. It’s key to keep your audience in mind throughout the entire process. Who are they? How will they use your site? What type of imagery are they attracted to? Etc. A successful website is built for a specific audience.

Every element should serve a purpose

Often times, we are convinced that things need to be added simply because there is a blank space and it needs to be filled. This is a struggle for a lot of designers, myself included, but it’s imperative that every element have a purpose better than “I needed to fill a gap.” This is one of many aspects that benefits from knowing your audience. Will they be impressed with testimonials? Will they want quick links to services? Will they want a phone number and/or email immediately?

Simplify and minimize

It should be very clear virtually immediately what your site and its various pages are about. Your website should feature well-written and concise content. I touched upon this concept a bit in Building Your First Website. This is not to say that you shouldn’t have detailed pages or lengthy pages; just be sure they aren’t overwhelming. Simplify things down as much as possible; it makes for easier and quicker reading, and, therefore, a much faster purchase or contact time.

Keeping these three things in mind during all phases of the project will be incredibly helpful; they are for me at least. Hopefully they’ve given you something to think about as your create your site.