Questions for Website Design

It’s hard to begin designing without knowing a direction in which to head. And even with information to guide you, it’s still very difficult to trust that your shot in the dark will be successful. That said, I find that knowing the answers to these questions is incredibly helpful in providing accurate guidelines for you as you work to provide the best possible design for your project.

  • What are your company colors?
    Knowing this allows you to start with a few basic colors from which your design can evolve.
  • What is your “top selling item?”
    This answer, I find, can be very helpful in providing ideas for content suggestions, highlight items, etc.
  • Why would someone choose your company over another?
    This is going to be very similar to the previous answer, but will help to provide titles, captions, as well as various helpful content ideas.
  • Who is your target audience?
    Knowing the target audience can help in a multitude of ways. It can help provide color suggestions, layout suggestions, as well as general content suggestions. For instance, a younger audience will expect to see social media links whereas an older generation might hope for a press release area.
  • How do you envision your users navigating the site?
    For me, this is the most important question. Simply hearing the answers and how my clients interpret the question helps give me an understanding of both my client and the audience, which will ultimately make my designs that much more successful.

Although the questions are fairly simple, I’ve found their answers give an excellent foundation off of which I can build a successful design and therefore, website.