Learning JavaScript

Today I bring you a link to Code Academy. The site offers free online courses in all kinds of computer languages, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. I have been taking courses for about a month and have found them to be incredibly informative. Not only are the courses well written, but they are broken down in a way that makes every step feel completely natural. I think it takes an excellent teacher to make a student not realize how much they are learning – to make every concept feel intuitive and I think this course does exactly that. I have never felt that I’ve been unprepared for the concept I’m learning; everything feel completely logical.

Thus far, I have only been taking the Javascript course, but I’m looking forward to taking more and more from them. So far, I’ve learned countless things that I can apply to my everyday work. For instance, in building custom plugins, I’ve found using arrays to be much more effective than compiling pieces of data individually. Before taking this course, I barely knew what arrays were, let alone how to use them. While I’m still learning, I have zero doubts that I will have mastered their use by the end of the course.