Design Critique #6

Website: Avada: Responsive Theme

This is currently the most popular site on Theme Forest. First, as always, let’s talk about the strong points of this site.

The Strengths

My initial thoughts on seeing this site is that it is very clean, in particular as is display above the fold. The slider is large, clean, features beautiful imagery, and seems to present a clear message, utilizing the space intelligently. The color scheme is simple, but excited – a difficult balance to maintain. The grid system used is excellent and allows for clearly defined areas of content, making scanning easy and effective.

The icons used throughout the site give a nice touch to the layout and allow various titles to really stand out. The latest blog area is clean and beautiful and doesn’t seem out of place next to the testimonials area. Finally, the footer area uses space intelligently, allowing users to view feeds from other sites quickly and easily without having to actually leave the site.

I immediately understand the purpose of this site, which is to show the various capabilities of this responsive theme. This is especially impressive when you consider than most the text on this site is dummy text – meant to simply show what text might look like in various areas rather than to display actual content.

The Weaknesses

I find very few weaknesses in this site. However, I think, generally, the vertical spacing could be minimized a bit, just to allow a bit more information to fall above the fold. Additionally, (and I have this issue with a lot of themes) there are a TON of areas for social media. Generally, professional sites don’t feature that much social media integration – in terms of the sheer amount of sites featured. So, for example, a site might feature recent tweets, but rarely will they feature a feed from Flickr or have that many social media icons in the footer. Personally, I would like to see three columns in the footer, eradicating the Flickr feed altogether. That said, this area could easily be used to display a number of different things, so it’s not a huge issue to overcome.


Considering I only had two suggested improvements (not even necessary, but simply just suggested), I think this site is a great success. Its message is clear and its layout is beautiful; it’s all a web designer can hope to produce.