Design Critique #5

Website: Weiner Law Office

First, as always, let’s talk about the strong points of this site.

The Strengths

One of my first thoughts about this website is that it’s pretty evident this guy knows what he’s doing in terms of law. He provides a great deal of information about various subjects, reinforcing the fact that he is a successful lawyer. The colors chosen are simple and fairly clean. And the general layout is actually pretty clean as well.

The Weaknesses

The first (and almost only) weakness I see is the shear amount of content provided. Simply put, it’s overwhelming. The main content could easily be cut down to be more easily digested, the testimonials could rotate to present one at a time, the practice areas box could feature only a select few practice areas. I should immediately understand you and your business (essentially) upon entering your site. That message is vastly distorted by the paragraphs of information provided. Additionally, while the layout and colors are clean, again, the amount of content distorts that, creating a less organized look and feel.


Unfortunately, because the main message was not immediately clear to me upon entering this site, I wouldn’t actually deem it a success. Instead, the content creates a messy and confusing first view, thereby making this site as a whole a bit of a failure. That said, simply cutting down the content will reestablish that cleanliness and clarity and revert the site into a successful one.