Design Critique #4

Website: Ross School Photography

First, as always, let’s talk about the strong points of this site.

The Strengths

The first strength is simply the organization, which is evident upon first viewing the site. The colors are simply and elegant and allow the photos to speak for themselves. Additionally, all text and content is easily read – perfectly sized for easy reading. Additionally, the site is very simple and I think, is successful in its simplicity. Simple site are often the most difficult to execute because there is a very delicate balance to maintain when attempting a minimalistic layout. Too much content or color distracts, but too little of either becomes boring. So I think it’s a testament to design/developer that this site succeeds at being fairly minimalistic.

The Weaknesses

There aren’t to many weaknesses I see in this site. My main issue with the site relates directly to the type of site we’re viewing. This site is for a photography company, yet there are surprisingly few examples of their photography. Yes, there are several portfolios I can scan through on the site, but the general site doesn’t really tell me anything about their photography skills. While the photos featured around the site are beautiful, I feel like I want to see a bit more photography examples in the general layout and not be forced to go through the portfolio to get even a general idea of their photography skills.


Like my previous design critique on Dixon Seed and/or my design critique of Pacific States Aviation, I think this site is ultimately a success in that I knew exactly what the site was about immediately upon arrival. And the site’s layout and general composition intrigued me enough to browse through the site and get to know what it had to offer, which is, ultimately, the main purpose of a site.