Design Critique #2

This week’s design critique is of a very successful website: Pacific State Aviation. PSA has several main services including, line service, general maintenance, and flight training.

Website: Pacific State Aviation

First, as always, let’s talk about the strong points of this site.

The Strengths

One of the first things that I notice about this is site is how beautiful it is. It is simple and fairly clean. Because of their imagery choices, it’s clear that they deal with airplanes. The titles are clear and I generally understand exactly the purpose of this site in an instant.

The layout is fairly clean and clear with colors designed for easy reading and, therefore, quick understanding and comprehension. The content on the homepage is not overwhelming and it’s immediately clear the types of planes with which they commonly deal. And the same can be said for the interior page. The content is short and to the point, allowing users to quickly understand the purpose and message of the page.

The imagery that has been chosen throughout the site is high quality, crisp, and thoughtful, immediately letting me associate those qualities with the company itself.

The Weaknesses

The weakness I see in this site generally have to do with image size and overall functionality.

On the home page, there are three logos featured in the main content which represent various aspects of PSA’s services. And while I agree in that it is very important to make immediately clear your services and products, the size of the images is more of a distraction to me than anything else. I think smaller images – probably half the size of these – would accomplish the same goal, but in a less abrasive way.

The other aspect on the homepage I see as a weakness is the weather area. Weather, in the aviation world, is a huge factor in how a flight will progress or whether it will happen at all. So I think having weather on the homepage is a wonderful component. However, I don’t see that the area actually works properly and, therefore, is, like the images to its left, more of a distraction than anything else. I think if they got that area functioning properly, it would be a very helpful tool, but as it stands, it’s a bit of a waste of space which could be utilized much better.


Overall, I would say that this site is a success in that, like Dixon Seed, it gets its point across immediately. And while I did have some slight suggested improvements, as it stands, the site is a beautiful example of a functioning website.