Elly Cabral: Web Designer & Developer

I have a bachelor’s degree in design from the University of California, Davis and I currently work at Noble Image as the creative director. My focus is to create and develop both websites and skills while continuing to learn and experience new things each day.

I love working with new people, seeing new points of view, and understanding new concepts. I’m confident in my abilities to take on large projects and jump into situations requiring creative and out-of-the-box thinking. In fact, I’ve recently taken it upon myself to learn some back-end developing. Throughout my many successful projects, I’ve put creativity to code and developed custom WordPress plugins for my clients.

My skills in the visual


What I can do for you:

Website design

My education and experience in the design industry have helped me become an effective designer. And after many successful projects, I’m confident that after only a brief discussion about your website needs, I can deliver the look and feel you’ve got in mind, while ensuring users will use the site as intended.

Website development

Not only can I design an effective website for you, but I can code that website to meet your exact needs. I am comfortable and confident implementing, installing, and customizing WordPress Content Management Systems. Not only that, I can alter its core to function precisely as you need. Additionally, I can develop custom plugins for WordPress to provide further customized functionality.

Responsive design and development

Recently, responsive design has become a huge player on the internet, allowing for fluid layouts across various devices. While requiring a bit more time and effort, allowing optimized viewing across all browsers and devices is critical for a successful online presence.