Velocity Signs

The Overview

Website: Velocity Signs
Type of Work: Design, Development, WordPress, PHP
Location: Sacramento, CA
Brief Description: Velocity Signs' site is designed and built to be responsive and to showcase their one-of-a-kind product.

The Project

Velocity Signs, a company based out of Sacramento, CA, provides companies with an efficient and effective replacement to the street spinner. Their product is a stand alone moving sign that draws attention to a business without the necessity to pay someone to stand on a corner and twirl a sign.

The Objective

Velocity Signs received a deal on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and their episode was about to air, so they needed a website as soon as possible. The site needed to showcase the product and the companies that had already signed on for use. The site needed to be responsive and needed to be able to handle a huge influx of traffic. The site also needed to allow users an easy way to reach the store to purchase the available products.

The Solution

Velocity Signs is built on a WordPress platform, using PHP as its core, and has an e-commerce component through Shopify. Using custom plugins, the site is easily managed through the WordPress. It is responsive and optimized for speeding loading time and easy mobile browsing.