Uniforce Sales

The Overview

Website: Uniforce Sales
Type of Work: Design, Development, WordPress, PHP
Location: Fremont, CA
Brief Description: Uniforce Sales' site is designed and developed to be responsive and act as a hub from which users can find their necessary products.

The Project

Uniforce Sales is an engineering firm based out of Fremont, CA, specializing in video recording hardware and software.

The Objective

Uniforce Sales needed a new site to showcase their ever-growing available products while giving their users an easy way to search for a specific product. The site’s design needed to represent their sleek and modern products. The site also needed to give users the ability to browse with ease on mobile devices. Finally, the site needed to give users the ability to request quotes for specific products.

The Solution

Uniforce Sales is built on a WordPress platform, using PHP as its core structure. Using a customized theme and multiple custom-built plugins, the site is easily managed through the administration panel of the WordPress. Custom search functionality allows the user to search for products based on specific parameters.