Patrick and Elly

The Overview

Website: Patrick and Elly
Type of Work: Design, Development, WordPress, PHP
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Brief Description: Patrick and Elly's wedding site is designed and developed to be responsive and act as an extension to the traditional wedding information packet.

The Project

Patrick and Elly’s site is my wedding site! The site is meant to act as the hub for all the information my wedding guests might need, from maps and locations, to menus, to song playlists. The site acts as an extension of the traditional paper communication found in weddings.

The Objective

Patrick and Elly needed to accomplish several things while maintaining a sleek and easily navigable style. The site’s design needed to represent Patrick and my relationship as a couple, in that it couldn’t be too feminine, and most certainly could not be traditional. The site needed to be responsive so my guests would be able to easily use the site on all platforms. On it, there needed to be a playlist to which guests could add songs they would like to hear during the reception. Additionally, there needed to be a form through which users could easily RSVP. There needed to be all the standard information, including location, menu, registry, bridal party, galleries, etc. And finally, the message of “adults only event” needed to be featured on nearly all pages.

The Solution

Patrick and Elly is build on a WordPress platform, using PHP as its core structure. Using customize plugins, it was built to be responsive, easily accessible, and easily managed. Using a Spotify player, users can easily add songs to a communal playlist which will be delivered to the DJ of the reception. And finally, a highly customized form was added to allow users to RSVP through the web rather than the traditional snail-mail avenue.