The Overview

Website: ERRG
Type of Work: Design, Development, WordPress, PHP
Location: Martinez, CA
Brief Description: The site was designed and built to present a clean platform on which to provide updated information on products and services.

The Project

ERRG is a woman-owned environmental remediation resources group, aiming to provide turnkey remediation and munition response services. With safety as their main goal, they provide these services with integrity to perform as best as possible, regardless of the project, thereby ensuring ultimate success to their clients and company. And with various locations, they are able to complete projects effectively and timely.

The Objective

The main objective of this project was to emphasize their services and the beauty of their company. With large imagery, the site needed to exude safety as a main goal, along with their other pillars of services: integrity, performance and success. Naturally, the site needed to be easily maintained and updated by several administrators, who were not familiar with HTML markup. Furthermore, the site needed to feature (and allow for easy updates to) their various projects.

The Solution

ERRG is built in a WordPress platform, using PHP as its core structural base. Administrators are able to easily modify, maintain, updated, delete, and add information across the entire site with ease. Customized specifically for ERRG, the site dynamically displays information across various pages for the optimal ease of use for administrators.