ECOM Engineering

The Overview

Website: ECOM Engineering
Type of Work: Design, Development, Wordpress, PHP
Location: Sacramento, CA
Brief Description: The purpose of this project was to improve navigation as well as provide a way for customers and staff to easily access information and forms.

The Project

ECOM Engineering is an engineering company focusing on the electrical side of things. Their site provides users with an easy-to-use database of information wherein potential clients can browse old projects, services, and easily contact ECOM offices for more information.

The Objective

ECOM’s site needed to feature several unique elements, including a flash-piece on their homepage, which was overlayed on the main image slider. The site needed to be easily updated and edited to consistently feature current employees and projects.

The Solution

ECOM Engineering is built on a WordPress platform, using PHP as its core code. Administrators can easily add, remove and edit employees, projects, and all content throughout the site. The site utilizes WordPress core blog functionality to allow for easily updated employees as well as to display employees in an ordered list on the Staff page.