Davalynn Spencer

The Overview

Website: Davalynn Spencer
Type of Work: Design, Development, WordPress, PHP
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Brief Description: Davalynn's site was designed and developed to display her recent publications in a clean and clear manner, allowing her users to purchase and learn about her novels and other works.

The Project

Davalynn Spencer is an author an speaker, with a body of work mainly focused on Christianity. With several books already published and deemed successful, she has several novels on the way, available on various platforms and in various mediums in need of exposure and a clean, professional platform on which she can proudly market them. With a popular Christian blog, she shares her voice and opinions with the world weekly.

The Objective

Davalynn’s project had two objectives. The first objective was to create a new website which would cleanly and eloquently display her novels, allowing her users easy access to both learn more and to purchase said books. The second objective was the create a beautiful website which immediately spoke to who she is as a person and an author. Of course, these things needed to be achieved on a platform through which she could easily maintain and update the website with new information as well as new blog posts – transferring her old blog onto a new, more efficient platform.

The Solution

Davalynn Spencer’s website is built on a WordPress platform, using PHP as its core structural base. With custom plugins installed, she is able to easily modify, update, and remove any and all information found across the site. Using Davalynn’s own photographs, the site exudes a country feel while remaining legible and informative. And with a blog and custom book area custom built for Davalynn’s use, the site is designed to feature dynamically created up-to-date information across its entirety.