CWB Decision Solutions

The Overview

Website: CWB Decision Solutions
Type of Work: Design, Development, Worpress, Responsive, PHP
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Brief Description: This site was designed and built to present an easily updated platform through which users can stay informed about the company.

The Project

CWB Decision Solutions is a new consulting an analytics company, specializing in providing strategic advice to companies looking for long-lasting success. The site is meant to both keep customers informed as well as attract new customers by presenting a strong company identity which emphasizes the quality of services provided.

The Objective

The main objective of this project was to allow users to easily find and explore the services provided by CWB Decision Solutions. The site needed to be clean, clear and present a solid company identity; logo services were provided. Additionally, the site needed to respond to various screen sizes, allowing for optimum viewing on all screen sizes, whether that be an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, or desktop computer. Finally, the site needed to include various avenues through which users could easily sign up for the e-newsletter. As with most sites, CWB Decision Solutions needed to be easily updated and managed by a designated administrator.

The Solution

CWB Decision Solutions is built on a WordPress platform, utilizing PHP as its core structure. With a custom image slider for easy importing and an overall responsive structure, the site auto-adjusts to present the best possible viewing screen on mobile devices and desktops alike. With a blog and e-newsletter sign up for integrated into the site, users are able to quickly and virtually immediately stay updated with the most recent happenings at CWB Decision Solutions.