Cabral Aviation

The Overview

Website: Cabral Aviation
Type of Work: Design, Development, WordPress, PHP, Responsive
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Brief Description: Cabral Aviation was designed and developed to provide up to date information about Patrick Cabral's services to users on a variety of devices.

The Project

Patrick Cabral’s Cabral Aviation website is one through which users can not only contact Patrick Cabral, but learn a bit about aviation in general. With 15 years of piloting experience, Patrick Cabral is an exceptional flight instructor with a pension for creating the ideal learning space for new and returning pilots alike.

The Objective

Cabral Aviation needed to be a website through which users could quickly and easily learn about various pieces of information as it pertains to aviation and piloting as well as contact him to set up introductory flights, lessons, ride-along, check-rides, etc. The site needed to be clean and professional while still exuding Patrick’s easy-going teaching styles. Of course, the site needed to be easily maintained and updated so Patrick might feature the most accurate information for his potential or current students. Finally, with aviation being an “on the go” industry, the site needed to be easily accessible through various devices.

The Solution

Cabral Aviation is built on a WordPress platform, using PHP as its core structure. Using several custom plugins, it was built to be easily accessed and updated through its administration panel across many different devices. With a responsive design, its layout fluctuates based on the user’s device width to display the information is the most optimal way. With a blog in place, Patrick can keep users informed with recent and important information regarding aviation and its community.