Beginners Blog

The Overview

Website: Beginners Blog
Type of Work: Development, Worpress, PHP
Location: San Francisco, CA
Brief Description: This site was built to be easily updated by users, content of which is assigned a viewing window based on its publish date.

The Project

Beginners Blog got a redesign. Read about the original design. Beginners Blog is the online blog half of Beginners Magazine and Blog. Both the magazine and the blog are in place to provide a woman’s perspective on life, being in her early 20’s, just out of college and learning to survive as a financially independent adult. While the site ranges in topics, the general idea is to provide a “I know what you’re going through” perspective on life.

The Objective

The main objective of this project was to take the original website design and make it generally more interesting and unique. Like it’s predecessor, the content needed to be easily updated by multiple users with varying permissions. Again, like the original design, I was responsible for the development portion of this project. And while many of the previously created functionality items remain identical, new items include a multiple parameter search option, options for which are dynamically updated as content modifies throughout the site, custom layout organization, and custom image slider.

The Solution

Beginners is built on a WordPress platform, utilizing that PHP as its core coded-structure. I’ve utilized many of the same solutions to complete this project as the original. However, differing items include the previously mentioned multiple parameter search option. The options for the search, including Author, Categories, and Archives are dynamically added as more authors, for instance, are added to the site. A custom image slider was created to pull in the latest Instagram images featuring the hashtag of “outfit” and rotate through the most recent five additions. Finally, a custom algorithm was created to allow for a unique layout, which associates a specific image size and viewing box size based on an individual post’s publish date.