Awake & Alive

The Overview

Website: Awake & Alive
Type of Work: Design, Development, Wordpress, PHP
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Brief Description: This site was designed and built to be an easily-updated blog for personal use. Instagram, Twitter, and RSS integration included.

The Project

Awake & Alive is my personal blog, aimed at providing an online area to express my views and general thoughts about life. I wanted something I would not only enjoy updating regularly, but provide an area where my favorite things accumulated and were easily accessible.

The Objective

I wanted homepage which was welcoming and immediately expressed who I was/am. I wanted a blog which would be interesting to look at as well as provide a number of different access points to other online areas. For instance, I wanted an Instagram feed, a Twitter feed, and a Facebook feed that not only integrated seamlessly, but allowed for customized design work. Finally, I wanted a page on which I could view my more regularly viewed websites and blog, giving me a space to easily view recent updates from various websites.

The Solution

Awake & Alive is designed for and built on a WordPress platform, using PHP as its main foundation. Its homepage displays the three most recent posts, along with the latest Instragram photo and various areas which area easily updated in the backend of the site. The Feed page shows the 5 most recent additions from various sites, including Web Design Ledger, Design Shack, and Beginners Blog. Each page also display a randomized Instagram photo and a Twitter feed, customized to reflect the design of the Awake & Alive.