The Overview

Website: 1-888-Abatement
Type of Work: Design, Development, Wordpress, PHP
Location: Sacramento, CA
Brief Description: This site was designed and subsquently built to handle multiple users, multiple subdomains, and easily customization to various aspects of the site.

The Project

1-888-Abatement is an online network for abatement contractors throughout the United States. Contractors are able to join the network and become their county’s contractor, contacted via the phone number 1-888-abatement. Users looking for abatement services simply call the toll free number and are redirected to their local contractor.

The Objective

The main objective for this project was to provide an easily updated and management platform through which contractors could join the network and user could find their local contractor. The site needed to appeal to both the contractors as well as the general user. Additionally, the site needed to feature a map which could be easily by both contractors and users to reach state pages. Finally, each abatement contractor needed to be easily added to the network, which would include an individual homepage as well as being featured on their state page.

The Solution

1-888-Abatement is built on a WordPress platform, utilizing PHP as its core. Using customized blog functionality, contractors are added via post, the content of which dictates their homepage design and feel. Each state acts as a category to display contractors alphabetically with locations and contact information. Search functionality allows users to easily search various parameters to find the contractor nearest to them.